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Related article: Date : Fri, 19 2006 21 17 May 59 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Jo Jo u003ccrossingboi2004 yahoo. com u003e Subject: cap rebellious people. 26 - n ' Under the wide blue sky " Disclaimer: The usual rules apply here. If there are legal in your area that the reading material (not erotic, mind you ) Ls Nn Models Forum on gays and activities that can participate, then please do not read. This story is copyrighted and can not be used in other parts of form without the express permission of author (that would be me). to everyone else,have fun! rebellious people Chapter Twenty "Under the wide blue sky" What ? God, I do not need this shit. I have my part. I called my parents and Evan said they had called me from the hospital , you can tell his parents where he was. I did what was expected of me. apparently Evan finally got a little of its own kind of medicine miserable. a pessimist. n You see, until a week before had come along Troy, I never beaten by someone in myLives. But Evan just felt I needed to change that, and thus began his reign terrible misery. I hated him for it. People have always said " what you sow", but unfortunately, is a not clarify when and to whom. just thought about what was happening to me again, in the by ten, because of Evan. But somehow it happened that this is true. As someone had beaten in Evan. I did not know all the details. I only knew what my parents told me. that someone had to beat Evan. Was n Evan talk about what happened apparently. And I think his parents might have even called the police. it was all a big mess. and n as the feeling of all? I was happy. I was glad that someone Evan two broken ribs. I was happy that he had two black eyes, one of which was swollen necessary. I was happy that he was going to be in the hospital stay of the the next week or two. I was happy. And I was not there made ​​me feel bad about it. is deserved it. What turned definitely turned back. ten times ! " Will you go to him ? " Troy asked. I turned all Ls Nn Models Forum the way straightened his tie. " We have a church, remember? " I said and turned. " You know what I mean " he replied. Yes I did. Do not forget that Evan had asked me to come see what is in the hospital. In fact, I had not stopped thinking about him because he had asked me. First, because I wanted to know why. I wanted to know why, not sure why. I knew if I wanted answers, I would go with him, and I was Ls Nn Models Forum not sure want to. However, I had to ask him why he wanted to see me. " Evan may be in a hospital, " I began. "But the guy deserves it certainly is not no visits to bed. " I noticed in the mirror, Troy shook his Ls Nn Models Forum head in agreement. Ls Nn Models Forum It's been fun, but it seemed as if I heard myself say no Go to a guy who had the gates of death can be visited, actually did happy. " You know, the last two of MonNTHS, I was really account... "Troy n say. Well, it was a total shock. I turned around to face him. " Not only were so different, "he continued. " I thought you were try me or something with the way she acted sometimes destroyed. " Now, he was not far from the truth. Troy had done so little to bother my irritable mood, changes in. things that had yet to declare could understand. But since my time had passed and had horrible behavior a new page. at least I know where it came from. \\ \\ n " Look, I do.. Troy... "Could I started as well as I do. " I really do not know if I have you I'm not sure if it will ever be. However, the way to treat to your..... the way he treats his family, says a lot about the form You will probably make your own. " This means that even if I wanted one. that may have Ls Nn Models Forum been on my radio, but I had to think very far in a proverbial happy ending more. \\ \\ n was not sure if I was everagain be happy. At least not romantically. And my hot boys love life are the two things most of my On the other hand recently. " So now I'm in the family eh? " Troy said with a slight smile on his face. Ls Nn Models Forum I smiled, while finishing with my tie. " Well, not really speak for themselves," he said. " Perhaps I ought to new. " Maybe he did. I did not know. I was so hesitant ? ", Ls Nn Models Forum he thinks, the Rev. Thomas will talk about what happened to Evan," asked Troy to change the subject. " How could I? " I replied. "I mean, not even really know what s happening with Evan. " Oh, yes, I knew that music would have on my ears. I would have walked the streets cheering. , however, was not sure how you feel. Maybe it was because I actually had a conscience now. Or at least his back was old. " Yeah, well, it may be God's day today and all, but I say, whether to the world, grant that all may be wonderful," Troy began standing. " The n with himDo not pass. Could " is not known if something was wrong with Evan does not have to if he had enough strength to call confused n me. was trying amount only to the past, in fact, that hit me. began to " Come," Troy and stood up. " I smell breakfast. "I said as Troy n and I started up the stairs. " " " I've always wondered why they would say that is neither paused nor fast. is eaten as cereal. " ******************************************* ************************************ that was not quite sure but I think would be the first Sunday I attended church without Evan is available. not that meant a lot to be, unless possibilities with n to me in the toilet corner of the church, among other crimes. And while I was on this issue, I had to ask, I should have been read more on this. Finally, I was pretty sure Evan it was not Andrews, idea. And if hIdea is meant to know that..... What exactly ? Maybe I did not want to say, but when it comes to Evan, also have not even think about it. Who knows what goes through your mind twisted ? " Hey," Sienna welcomed us. "You hear about what has happened Evan? " " Yes," answered Max, " He is in the hospital. " For a moment it seemed indeed as Sienna was sad. But what then said that the theory completely crushed. " We go to a celebration party to throw ? " He asked with a strange look prelude on his face. " We could use a voodoo priestess. Sure that does not recover," chimed Max , although further. " Or we could put some air in the IV tubes," said Troy. "How Kill Bill. " I looked over three of them, a little surprised. " Guys, we're in a church. Do you remember ? " I said. The three of them turned to me with a strange expression on their faces. " Mike, that everyone should be happy about that," Max began. "I to say that after everything you put in - " n " The man did not deservs of his sympathy, "cut Troy in n I saw Troy, I was really watching with arms crossed mind if I cared, it would be so insensitive to all situation. \\ \\ n " but perhaps -" " Well, no, Mike," said Sienna. "What 's wrong with ? " " What? " " Well, I mean for the first time in school, I wanted to look for when n allegedly disappeared after the next two months as the the right hand. And now this? " I looked at Ls Nn Models Forum it. N Since I was the only one who did not make sense now? No matter how I felt about Evan, not even the subject matter is even now, was the end result is that we are in a church. in fact, should be a sacred place you want to keep your were n is at least a small measure of respect, if not, at least for people who were doing believe in the Church and its authority, even if you do not think that is. all this happened. respect. I have enough respect for me Evan and not lightly to be sAGE. deserves at least that amount. Everyone kind of looked at me as if surprised to see that I behave in a little while before you hear any Reverend Thomas rather than start asking all seats for the service. I do not know what they say or do anything but just go and Ls Nn Models Forum find my place. You must not have understood my behavior. hell, I do not understand. But not understanding the situation, which beat to use to talk about it. And right now, it was the last thing I wanted to do. " Well, good Ls Nn Models Forum morning to all," began the Rev. Thomas. To say that I was not really able to pay attention while the Rev. sermon Thomas was an understatement, to say the least. Apparently, because the Ls Nn Models Forum more I 'm Evan to her, the more I think about trying. I was mad at myself for thinking it so much. Troy was right, that does not deserve much attention from me. But without his knowledge, was attracting attention. great part of Ls Nn Models Forum it. and thisI'm just scared. " Hey.... um... Look, over the previous one," Max began. had to stop it before it began. " Max, okay, " I began. "You were right. Evan was terrible for me and many other people and really do not deserve any sympathy for each of us. " I would say, ' no ', but there anyone out there be sympathized with the exception of parents of Evan. I just try my best to not let one of those people to be me. " But should not have said these things in the church," said Max sounds, , like a wounded dog. " You're right," Troy began to rise. "Said they should out. " The two looked at us and turned to us with the same n illegible always look on his face when he did not want anyone to know, n how he felt. " Troy -". " She's a stupid boy," said Troy, "Am I the only one with the " " Troy, get it," Max started "it. Is simple - " " What is the train stops to laugh when you come to church if God is really w" said Troy. "anted everybody, ` desecrate " in his holy place, punished would have started with Evan. " I am sure that Max realized, like me, that Troy made ​​sense at the time. But that was irrelevant at this point, something I should be doing all known. " I do not think right now," I sighed and let the two. heard yelling at me. I think even started coming after me. But I had my way through a large group of people were cut block all paths to me. I tried to go out and just wanted to run home to clean my Ghost. Sorry, I only managed to get as far as the parking lot. " Wait, wait, wait, Carson, what 's the rush? " was Clark. had been sitting Ls Nn Models Forum on the edge of the truck of Andrew, but to come to me front door of the church that had basically been there, for me, , and got in my way. Any other who was with my old friends hang out Andrew, Janet, Shannon, Frank and the others followed. I let out a sigh and turned to him. maYbe a few months ago when I was a different person would be something like This was intimidating, but these days were gone already. " What do people want? " I asked. " I suppose you heard from your ass Ls Nn Models Forum friend Evan? " Clark began. " Yes, he is in the hospital," I replied. " So what? " " So do not go see him ? " Clark asked. that was why I like a linebacker n blocked angry curious home, but around me, if I wanted to pay him a visit person he knew I had a bad history with. I mean, if anything, the fact that he kissed me enough, should have been repellent. " See? " I asked. "I see fairies in the hospital," said Clark, as if the public domain. "I just thought it was his friend Evan and -only" " Clark, if you start talking like you have a sense, I'll just go. " Clark smiled and crossed his arms. I took a moment to get a good view of what is going to get. Of course, none of these cEvan ared. Why is that? In less than a week, Clark Evans had taken place and had found Andrew a someone to play the companion. do not know why, but it hurts a little. I should probably leave if I had the chance. " Are you? " I asked. " Your friend is in hospital and Are you more concerned about how the power shift in the division popularity of the chain of command? " Some people looked down, a little embarrassed, fully aware that I was right. But of course, Clark saw me smiling. " I understand you need to be your friend and all, " Clark begun, his arm around me. "It's totally understandable. " " Clark, you get your hands off now, " shouted a deep growl. " Relax - " I tried mirrors around Clark, what Andrew would have worked if came and pushed me on the flatbed of the truck. You had me until I was then surrounded the truck all probably tried some, to see someone stop, whichwent to , and some tried to keep me here. " Do you think Ls Nn Models Forum they know everything about you ? " Clark began, now that could speak freely knowing that there was not much to do to stop it was. I did not answer, but I was curious to see what he thought he knew about me. " Everyone knows it's your fault Pete Reynolds turned gay," said Clark. " And it is likely that the blame for his death. " I have tried to lash out at Clark, but Frank and the other guys grabbed me on the ground. How could he talk like Pete ? Especially if it is not even to defend themselves? You were all so horrible! "However, the last person I thought I would be Evan is gay," continued Clark. " Obviously, this is what you do. " " People do not seem gay, Clark," I said through clenched teeth. "In this city, which only seems to be what happened," said Clark. " Makes you wonder who's next, you know? " " spent little time with me," he said. " Maybe you're next? " " Listen FAG," said Clark, grabbed my shirt. " WhThey're going to do now ? Hit me, "he said. " In fact, I am, " said Clark hit me in the face. I fell backwards when Clark tried to get a better grasp of I felt. There was nobody to do anything but try to keep looking at the same time watch the fight. was a kind of tool in the back of the truck, I tried Achievement, but I felt I moved back to Clark. as before, hit me again before he was pulled out of me. I sat and looked around. people who were truckload compensation. I got up, fight for Troy Clark and prepared in an attitude that notice. " What is Sienna supply ? "Janet began. " You're a Fag hag now " " No, Janet, "said Sienna. " I would not see his future career as. " " Mike "Max shouted, ran to me. " Hey. Are you okay? "N reached out and touched my eyes squeezed gently. " Yes.. I... " My attention was soon focused on Clark and Troy. In general, Troy was so illegible except for the occasional time when people wantedto see how Ls Nn Models Forum he felt. But a look in his eyes only..... All I Ls Nn Models Forum saw was anger. He looked very upset. I stood up slowly. "Troy... " You have not answered. instead lunged so hard and so fast that it fell back, landing on top of him Clark. Then he started hitting Clark. How he had gone mad or possessed. I had never seen before Troy. was scary. was running and running, with some of the guys try to get it. " Troy! " Sienna said. was almost as if frozen in time. All were responding to something more than me. do not know why he did not move. Maybe I wanted to beat Troy Clark. But what Troy was far superior to them. What he did was more brutal. If someone does not stop, he went to Clark, no doubt, kill it. But he kept coming and going. To the Rev. Thomas Clark Troy practically drawn, along with my n father. I had not even seen how people come, but he was here now, wondering what n was going on. "Let go ! " Shouted Troy, twist both could start both my father and pastor Thomas in his arms when he made an effort enough. " Oh, my God! " My mother cried and fell at my side. "Mike, what is going on? " looked at me and Troy, who is convinced to calm down. " The call I would like to know. " No doubt, Troy was in trouble. Clark was wounded so badly he needed a few stitches. No broken bones or something, and his face was definitely to be perfectly fine in a few weeks, but was shabby enough for now. You would think that Troy would have an explanation of the border n well, but apparently was declared the fifth. My mother had Max, Sienna done and go home, while she and my father, stayed with Rev. Thomas Troy and the church to try to talk to him. But when everyone finally back home, I learned that he did not a third. " We have to get in touch with their parents! " Mand the mother called from the kitchen. And never called. This is how serious it all was. " We need to know what happened first, Evelyn," said my father. Max, Siena and I were bugging out of the closet behind the kitchen. Despite the normal voices, it would be perfectly easy to understand are of them in the closet, but because they were shouting, neither of us had to work very hard to hear. " Unless we know what is wrong can be the problem ! " Replied my mother. " Maybe he's in some kind of medication. Or drugs! " N "We have known by now, if you were into drugs and all our children s are good kids," said Dad. "You do drugs. Are" N " How do you know ? " " Evelyn " " Why this family? " My mother told me, much more free screaming s time. "Why do our children to do this all ? " There was a time when none of us heard something before it restarts. " I know you all have to deal with a lot already, " began my father. "However, not always says that God has plans for everyone? " " was the plan of God, my son fall in love with another guy who has out of the land ? "I asked my mother. " Do not ask to be gay, , but none of them deserve any of that. " " You're right, " replied my father. " But we have everything in our own way of dealing s all the time. So let's not try to parents of Troy problem with this concern as well. We - " " almost killed a child - " " I do not know, " replied my father. " Kids will fight. It happens. " " in the church parking lot ? " Asked my mother. We've all heard my father sigh before continuing. " As I said, let the earth, " he said. " Slowly and patience as we always have. " was this statement in three ways Sunday to discuss, but that n effective methods of parenting, as they think in his mind right. not one of us for a while I heard that we were ready. ", I thought they were going to throw it," said Sienna, sounded relieved. ", that would never do that ", I againPlied. " I did it for you, right ? " Said Sienna. I looked down. In a moment of weakness, indeed they had, but more than offset for that and now it was time to address these new issues. " I can understand why Troy would like to protect Clark" started Siena. "They're like brothers now. But.... it was as if s really trying to kill Clark at the time. " Silence More What was my time to think. there was a sensation in the eyes of Troy. Maybe all builds up and eventually captured. happens. But.... It seemed that there was something else.... The silence came to an abrupt end when the door opened to the closet open and Troy came into view. " Huh," he said, shaking his head before they get behind me to be jacket. ' Troy.... " He did not answer and just put the jacket on the way out the door. " Troy, where are you going ? "Sienna asked how, Max, and I followed all to the door. " out ", he said, before he hadHand on the door. My mom and dad left the kitchen at that time. " Troy, hey bud where are you going ? " Asked my father. Troy stopped and looked down, without turning around, to fight anybody. " I'll be back " was all he said before opening the door. " Troy, do not expect you can not leave ', opposed to my mother. "Troy..... " And that was when the door closed and silence returned, no one says anything. We all just stood there for a few minutes before turning. I had thought to say something, but could not find any words which are actually appropriate for this situation. And then I did not know what to say it was before, before something that someone else came over me. I do not know what it was, but I felt different suddenly. How he had to go straight. had to leave. I could not stay here anymore. I turned around and walked toward the door. " Mike! " Ls Nn Models Forum I heard that some people call me. But I could not commit to Anyone, even if I wanted. had to go. Evan opened his eyes and nearly jumped out of bed when he realized, , next to his bed. looked at Troy, not sure what to say. " that can beat up your friend today," were his first words. Ls Nn Models Forum Troy Evan was about having an idea of all that surrounds him. was dark. There was not much to say about the window a few feet from him. must have been sleeping all day again. Troy, he said, seemed indifferent. How he was not even here, even if it were. not looking up. A few like him had a lot on your mind. A lot of things he regretted. I knew that much, because it was exactly as he had been feeling lately. " W... What ? " Troy sighed and put his hands in his pockets. " Clark? I won," said Troy. Evan did not know what to say. was mostly surprised that he was here now. " Um... " " For you," Troy said with a smile. " Can you believe that that? " Evan still feltg, we have to be here with Troy. The whole thing was stronger than I thought it would be. " Hu.... Troy -" "exit and someone takes over the role as the only Mike torturer " started Troy and Evan finally observed. "Why do people s that ? " or Evan, what they say or what was happening, but knew that s that a firmer grip on the overall situation was. "I think now I understand," began to Troy, took his hands 'pockets and the change in his seat. "It's because we all something that is necessary to protect the two of you, that the best way, you know as.. " " Look, Troy -" n " I did not come here to listen to all your excuses," picked Troy voice, get up and go to the window and looked out of it. "... Then why did you come here ? " Asked Evan. Troy was silent for a moment before answering. " He wants you, Mike, " began to Troy. "I can tell. " Evan looked down, before it is again. " He does -" " And despite trying to convince me thatStupid...... He remains mixture of everything. For Ls Nn Models Forum " " Look, "n " One- He is a person stronger than him, but even the strongest man a fall on their asses with the poor. " Sighed Evan. This much I knew. Well, at least. Troy turned around and saw Evan. n " Well, he's probably going to come here and it s likely to go about how you feel and shit," he began. "and if you are doing, they will say their things, and then all hell to stay away from that from now on. " Evan stayed in Troy. " And this time, provided that "it was Troy in the door so that when he was there. " There is confusion about of what I mean, if stay away from him, I will kill you. " And so he went and left Evan with a lot to consider. I do not know what I wanted. for many things. But much this... I knew I needed help. I could not stop thinking how much easier things would have to for me was when Pete was still there. for all intensive end, it was my rock. Even if we had our bad moments, I knew I could not live without it. Even if it was broken, I knew if I did in my life, do not want anyone else. And now Pete was more than ever I needed him. That was probably what Ls Nn Models Forum he had to go to the grave. Because I needed to talk to him. And that was the only way he knew how. was a bit cold outside. Probably because he had not left grab a jacket. But I do not think it would have been enough to ward off the cold feeling in me. I felt so lost. Overwhelmed by all. And I was afraid of what he could do, if I do something soon help. Despite the fact that I was in a cemetery, I felt strangely at ease with my environment. was not a ' movie' cemetery, and it was really very good instead. As a golf graves. I think I felt comfortable because I knew that I was with Pete. And he knew it. " God gives adviceOh, you know, " Pete began. " Oh, you think, was told I could was a great baseball players have a place to as. " was leaning against his tombstone looked up at them. " I am angry with God, " I said, frowned on him. " Or at least I. " " I know, " said Pete. " He was not very happy with it. " was slow and I got up and walked beside him. He looked very good. If all your hair too. was my Pete. I friend. " What is it, Mike? "Pete asked, crossing her arms. " What? "I asked. " This grudge you have against Evan. " No I could not believe he asked me, we know that Not all her reasons to hate Evan. " Pete, you know what I he " started. " Uh huh. I also know what a stay in a person does in times like these angry to you, "said Pete. Of course, he would know that I made a spiral after the inspection because I..... s never a chance to say I 'm sorry. But I did not have to apologize to Evan. in any case, owEd me hundreds of excuses. that he owed nothing. So I was not sure what to get exactly was Pete. "Pete wants to come and visit you in the hospital did " I said. " Saying you're sorry, " said Pete. " But what if Ls Nn Models Forum they never is random, so if something happened to him? Or worse, you too? " Why should I care what is happening Evan Parker? Of course, it was part of the problem. For some reason I'm concerned. I would not. " Once" " Sorry, Mike," said Pete. "This is what you are looking for n and that is what you are looking for. " N forgiveness. sounded so strange, but I think that was what I wanted all the time, and I knew I did not. Know never be able to tell Pete that I felt for break with him when I need more..... knowing that I could not apologize..... I think it's fair for me over the edge. " Oh, and FYI, I forgive you do, " Pete. " Usually have the big guy sh wouldUCK me down there. " I think deep down I knew that Pete has forgiven me. But it was, I just wanted to say that he is here. N And now I've had.. n "Pete, thanks," I replied said, " is what I 'm here for" Pete. step by step to avoid the flowers on the grave of Ls Nn Models Forum someone n I felt better. had and, besides, I felt like I knew what to do now. to enter an address and had to stay that way. " you know, while I 'm here, I must say... Maybe you want to get a haircut ", Pete started, looked past me. " You really Ls Nn Models Forum can relax in recent months. " is true, I did. I let my hair on my head and face become very long. I think it was time for a court hair and shaving. " even though I have the stubble may face," said Pete. I have some Ls Nn Models Forum nuances may feel in his voice, but we both knew he could not s really get into details. " So what is Heaven ? "I asked and asked again Pete. Pete stood up and looked at me. " Well, it - " " Mike! " Suddenly, I could not hear petE. I saw his lips move, but I could not hear him. probably because someone called my name in the short and not too high shut up. " Mike,wake up! " No, I was here with Pete. If you called me, I had to wake up and Get a Life ! I mean, she could not see that I was busy at the moment ? " Mike, I'm there, Siena! " quiet then, Sienna And who shouts someone in a cemetery at all? only Pete looked away for a second, but when I had looked ido. Not only was he gone, but they put me on the floor. The cold, hard ground, covered with grass. " What the... " " Mike, Beac.. did you sleep ? " Sienna asked. I looked around. was back in the tomb of Peter. '..... Pete is.... ' n I thought, realizing that it was another dream. I knew that Pete was dead, I thought that could be me in life seem to as a guardian angel or something. apparently not. But his dream was enough for me. n " I come here a lot," began to Siena. "Since... well.... ThaT s how I knew I'd find you here. "It Sienna crouched beside me on the floor, but when I joined, I realized Max was a few meters from us. N I stood up Ls Nn Models Forum and Sienna looked it helped. definitely knew what to do now. " I have to go to hospital," I said. was determined, and none of them was on me to stop. it would be prepared to discuss both, but there was nothing, when I stopped y saw it. " If that's what you need , we will not stop Mike, "said Max, Add Sienna and I I looked again and again. I was glad they did not even try to stop me. \\ \\ n " But we are " One could say, Sienna said. I, which meant that on more than one way to support my o place to go, as I wanted. " are you all right, I said, under a last look at the tomb of Peter before the three of us walked away. I would be lying if I said I was not even a little nervous when we our way down the hall to the room of Evan. I do not evenexactly why. It is true that this was the same person who made ​​life a torture and humiliating me, but I also knew I could not do, of which the things, even if he wanted to their condition. And I have the opportunity to see for themselves what kind of condition was Evan once we arrived in her room. was not in bad shape. had an intravenous tube connected to one of his arms. Her face was badly beaten and cut, and the other arm looked like someone had entered it and would not go down. When my parents told me that someone would beat Evan, I should have said a someone beat the shit out of him. And if Troy had not been with me when it happened, I would have thought that be there for him. I knew from the day he was capable of this and much, Ls Nn Models Forum much worse. " Um.. " I began. Evan had looked out the window would not have known he had come. But he turned to us as soon as I started talking to do. It was a little surprised to see them all. probably would have thought that is not coming " Uh... hi..... to all of you," Evan said, sat. "Forward," None of us moved. "Please ? " All we look before filing slowly into Ls Nn Models Forum the room. Sienna was on one side of Evan, while I was in another. Max was before him, and actually seemed to want to add to the bruises and wounds had Evan. I knew it was going to have to keep your eyes on him. Although, now that I was here, I was not quite sure where to start, can , but what I can say. " do not think any of you would come, " said Evan. sounded different for some reason. less threatening and imposing. I sort of relieved that he was so calm down. At least I Ls Nn Models Forum knew it was not malicious in a state of mind. " What is happening to you Evan? " Sienna asked to throw the ball rolling. Evan sighed and looked down. It almost seemed as if he would not enter it. But when he looked up at me, above all, he said. " Well, for starters, Carson kissed me here," he began. " know," said Max, it soundsbitter, a deaf person should be been able to say. " Why? " Sienna asked. Evan sighed. "I'm still trying to figure out everything," he said. " I mean.... I do not Ls Nn Models Forum know what happened... " "How to beat Evan? " Sienna asked. ".... I was scared to death... I left... went to Ls Nn Models Forum the city... you should not have been anywhere " continued Evan. I knew exactly what and Ls Nn Models Forum where of it because it could refer to the talk s about this aspect of the story. "I ran into some guys that looked... well I mean in the wrong part of us, of the city, made ​​some assumptions, and hit me worse than ever beat n anyone. " " earned it, donkey, "muttered Max walking toward the window. Evan turned to him. " I will not argue with you, Max," he said. " I know what I deserve.... that probably deserved worse. " " You're right, that," added Max. " No, wait a second, " I began. I finally had my nerves under control and was willing to talk. " No one deserves this," continued I looked. "Not even you. " "But I was so bad for you, "said Evan. " I have called queer. " ", that was true, " I replied. " I just do not use that exact word. " ", but... I - " " to learn is to say that all that ' s, I interrupted " take over and just to forgive is the only way I will live to be able, with myself and with. Ls Nn Models Forum is the only way I can be happy. " 'Cause I did not want that hanging over my resentment. that was not a vengeful or malicious person. Evan stared at me awhile before placement. " I do not know if I want to be able to forgive, if I were you and you me," he said. n "You should not," he said. " You are your own person. This is What makes each one different. " Everyone looked at me. I felt a little as a single prophet. For all that had spent the last seven months, I met lots of about what he was talking. " So... thanks," said Evan. "I wanted to ask... you know. However, I'm glad you do it anyway. And I want you to know that I will not mess more with you on school. With one of you. " And then at Sienna and max. " I guess I do not forgive me, "he said, actually sounds a little damage. " Damn Right, " Max said. " Are we ready now? " I looked at him and then to Evan. " Yes... we are, " I replied. Max said nothing when he is in the direction of the open door. " It is easy..... is that we will take some time, "said Sienna. " I know, " said Evan, Sienna feel in the hand. Sienna looked at his hand on him, then me, before that little by little out the door. I in and exhaled before Evan s calling their feet. " Well, try to get some sleep, " I began. " you make it look bad. had " I went to the door when I heard my name Evan. I turned around. " Listen.... see here - " " Look, I told you, I forgive you - " " No, that's not all, "he said, I turned around and headed back. beside his bed. " What then ? "I asked. " Troy.... He came here, "he began. " What? " " He told meprobably would come through. And he was right, "said Evan. was surprised the hell out of me. But why would he say that Evan? Why should your visit? " I know I'm the last person who should have the confidence," Evan began. "But if that you were I would be careful around him. "Saw I, how bad could see his face. " There are Ls Nn Models Forum a lot of shit I do not know that, "he continued. " I Do not wanna see you hurt by the principle. More " I thought I would say more, but if he sat back to the roof, left the room slowly, a sense of disorientation. " Hey, you okay ? "Asked Max. if everything was okay, if only for a short time, they were undoubtedly is no more. If there was something I knew about Evan was that when he speaks the lie something I could say. But when he could not lie, tell me more. And then he was as serious as could be. " Yes," I do. "Everything is in order. " But when Evan was very conscious not only partly right in his assumption that me aboutIng much about Troy, it was not anything to be good. Not at all. Yahoo Group (w / advanced chapters of history) : http://groups. yahoo. com / group / JoJoPresents - Ls Nn Models Forum GayFiction / ~ ~ V Personal E -mail: crossingboi2004 Ls Nn Models Forum yahoo. com ~ ~ V Copyright 2006
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